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getstartedbookdistribution2We help authors and other publishers from the around the world to publish, distribute, market and sell their books.

Global Relationships Help Buyers & Sellers

By attending the world’s best book fairs, we have developed relationships in almost every country. Please review our extensive list of book fair show reports.

8 Reasons to Work with Best Selling Books Rights Agency

  1. Sell Your Content on the Major Platforms
    We can give you direct access to the major e-platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Google Play and Kobo.
  2. Distribution to over 3800 Educational Channels Worldwide
    Our “Global e-Channel Network” puts your content in front of readers and buyers in libraries, primary schools and universities around the world.
  3. Increased Discoverability
    Our “Global e-Channel Network” gives you access to the world’s largest agglomerates in bibliographic information management companies who are leaders in their verticals and have over 100 million clients.
  4. Global eBook Distribution
    Our “Global e-Channel Network” allows your content to be available for purchase in over 13 countries, 200+ retail points and more than 200 million consumers.
  5. Availability on all e-Readers
    Your content will be available to consumers anytime, anyplace and on any device.
  6. Safe, Secure & Traceable Assurance from File Delivery to Royalty Reporting
    Our “Global e-Channel Network” promises to adhere to the latest industry standards for royalty reporting as well as strict use of DRM technology. All members of the “Global e-Channel Network” must adhere to these policies upon joining in order to ensure the protection and secure delivery of all content.
  7. No Charge or Upfront Costs
    Our network is unique in that we do not charge you any sort of listing fee or inclusion fee for access to our “Global e-Channel Network”. We prefer to operate on a revenue share model and focus on building relationships with our clients first.
  8. Freedom
    Our contracts are non-exclusive and we do not take commission on any deal made for your content. You are free to market your e-books on your own or through other means. We do not charge a commission on any deals made for your content as we focus on a revenue share model. Additionally all e-publishers and e-agents who register with our network will have their content distributed throughout the following three segmented channels. We focus on continually growing our network and welcome any e-platforms wishing to incorporate their offerings.

Global Book Database (GBD)

Global E-Book Distribution starts with developing the core which is your meta-data. An e-publisher or e-agent must have properly formatted and complete meta-data in order to be accepted by e-platforms around the world. Our team works with you to prepare your meta-data for worldwide acceptance by all e-platforms in our network. We provide you simple instructions for gathering, cleaning and optimizing your meta-data. Once your meta-data is received and approved for distribution our first step is to upload your content onto our Global Book Database. GBD is one of the world’s largest publishing industry communities focused on discovering new titles for foreign rights purposes, wholesale orders and physical distribution.

Primary: Our primary networks consist of our direct online e-retail outlets as well as on our US-based publishing subsidiary platforms. Your content will be uploaded and available for purchase through our android based app store as well as on our iOS based platform and through several internet e-commerce sites.

Secondary: Once your meta-data is finalized and uploaded to GBD and your e-books are available through our primary e-platforms we begin distribution into our secondary channels. This consists of uploading your meta-data and/or files to our global e-channel network and platforms. We are focused on continually adding additional e-platforms worldwide to our secondary channel distribution sector and welcome any e-platforms looking to join our network and expand their content offering.

About: Best Selling Books Rights Agency

Best Selling Books Rights Agency (BSRBA), our rights agency, is a leader of global agglomeration in both Digital & Text Copyrights Acquisition between the East and the West. Our rights agency focuses on matching buyers and sellers around the world for the purpose of copyright exchange. We are an amalgamation of companies and investors that wish to participate in the revolution(s) that are sweeping through the publishing industry. Through our partners and affiliates, we currently provide services to approximately 10,000 authors and publishers around the world. For more information or to speak with a member of our team CONTACT US.